Some Stranger Things fan theories actually come true in season 2

But don’t worry, we won’t tell you what they are JUST yet

Winona Ryder in Stranger Things 2 (Netflix, HF)

Friday 27th October sees the debut of Netflix original Stranger Things’ second season, and its fair to say that viewers around the world are pretty hyped up.


For the last year fans have been dressing up as the different characters, necking waffles and frantically rewatching episodes in tribute to the smash-hit 80s-set thriller, and it’s been a joy to behold.

But perhaps the most prevalent Stranger Things activity has been the practice of fan theorising, with all manner of predictions, conspiracy theories and (if we’re being completely honest) heartfelt hopes about what’s next for Eleven, the fate of the Demogorgon and the threat facing our heroes in the second season making the rounds online.

Well, guess what? Some of them were right…

After watching the new episodes ahead of the show’s release (read our spoiler-free review here), we can confirm that at least some fans came close in their predictions.

One or two of the finely-crafted, painstakingly-thought out fan theories that we’ve seen since the series came into the world last summer MORE OR LESS come off in season two, though not always in the ways you might expect.

Now, we’re not such bad sports that we’d tell you what those theories are, or even which of the many, many others were well off – the vast majority of fan theories, it’s fair to say, do not come true this year.

But whenever you do get the chance to plough your way through season two, be sure to give yourself a quick refresher of all the biggest fan theories the internet predicted since last summer – and then keep your eyes peeled for some recognisable moments…


Stranger Things 2 streams on Netflix from Friday 27th October