Steven Moffat’s son takes the blame for Missy ‘dabbing’ in Doctor Who series 10

There's a reason why Michelle Gomez is pulling out those shapes


If you’ve glimpsed the new Doctor Who series 10 trailer then there’s a fair chance you’ve got a few questions: Is Peter Capaldi going to regenerate before the Christmas special? What exactly are those inter-dimensional beetles clambering through a wall? And most importantly: is that Missy doing a dab?


Yes, Michelle Gomez’s rogue Time Lord did try out the dance move that since being birthed out of the Atlanta hip-hop scene has been adopted by the likes of Prince Harry and even the coaches on the Voice.

However, it turns out Missy hasn’t taken inspiration from Gavin Rossdale: her funky hand moves are thanks to Louis Moffat, the son of current showrunner Steven Moffat.

Young Moffat – who once played the child version of the titular character in Sherlock – took to Twitter to admit he’d taught his dad the dance…

But will she be the only character to join the dancing craze? We’ve not got much longer to find out if Peter Capaldi will become the dabbing Doctor. Hopefully as he regenerates…


Doctor Who will return to BBC1 on Saturday 15th April