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Star Wars fans are freaking out after this mysterious Twitter tease

Does this mean the Episode IX trailer is on its way?

Published: Monday, 18th February 2019 at 11:15 am

When JJ Abrams released an emotional cast photo over the weekend marking the final filming day for Episode IX, Star Wars fans probably weren't expecting any more film-related news so soon.


But a cryptic short clip released on Star Wars' official UK Twitter page has raised fans' hopes that the film's long-anticipated trailer may soon be released...

Captioned "The calm before the galactic storm...," the split-screen video shows Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) both looking rather smug while claiming: "This is where the fun begins."

Fans have interpreted the tweet to mean that Disney are set to make a new announcement regarding Episode IX, and have been responding with Star Wars gifs, begging the coporation to "stop teasing us".

Although some Star Wars fans believe the full trailer's release date is imminent, it looks more likely that any new announcements will relate to the film's as yet undisclosed title, or at very best a teaser trailer.

After all, the very first trailer for 2017's The Last Jedi wasn't released until mid-April that year, and we'd be unlikely to get footage for this movie two months earlier in the equivalent marketing cycle (the two movies are released on around the same date in December).

On the other hand, the title of The Last Jedi was unveiled significantly earlier – in January 2017 – suggesting that we're already overdue that nugget of information.

Episode IX, the third instalment to the sequel trilogy, is set to hit cinemas in December, and will see Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver reprise their roles as Rey, Luke Skywalker's last pupil, and Kylo Ren, son of Han Solo and General Leia, respectively. The film will also feature repurposed footage of Carrie Fisher (who died in 2016) as General Leia Organa.

Filming began way back in August 2018, and photography was finally complete on 15th February 2019, with post-production now underway.


Star Wars: Episode IX will be released in UK cinemas on 19th December 2019

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