If you've been playing RadioTimes.com's League of Fandoms you'll know that every 90 minute match is a dramatic affair, but yesterday's Division 1 clash between Star Trek and Outlander was probably the most eventful of the season so far.


And no, that wasn't just because Outlander and Stark Trek fans pulled more than 162,000 votes out of the bag.

You've got to hand it to them though, that's VERY impressive for a 90 minute window.

Anyway, the showdown between the sci-fi franchise and the Scottish time travel drama was the clash of the competition thus far because William Shatner and Sam Heughan, the stars of their respective shows, got rather heavily involved on Twitter.

Shatner rallied his troops early, giving them the lowdown on how to vote.

Shatner saw his double helpings, and raised him...

But the captain of the starship Enterprise was having none of it.

Eventually, though, he flew the white flag.

And made preparations for his lunch date with the Outlander star.

Naturally, McDonalds got on board.

And they all lived happily ever after… until the next League of Champions battle!


League of Champions matches continue on Tuesday and Thursday next week