Star Trek Discovery season 3 is being finished remotely amid lockdown

Editor Scott Gamzon said that "it's going to take longer" but promised fans the third series would be worth the wait

Star Trek: Discovery season 3

The upcoming third season of Star Trek: Discovery is likely to be released slightly later than originally planned as the production team work on finishing the series remotely.


Filming on the third run had been completed before the world went into lockdown as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and the post production, sound, VFX and editorial teams are all now said to be working hard from their homes.

No release date had yet been given for the series, but editor Scott Gazmon revealed on Twitter that it was “going to take longer” that had originally been expected.

The revelation was made after a fan had asked series star Wilson Cruz when a release date would be announced, to which Cruz had replied, “Trust me, none (sic) will hesitate giving you a release date as soon as they can. Everyone is working hard on post production as we speak. Patience, grasshopper.”

It was at that point that Gazmon entered himself into the discussion, stating, “Post production, Sound, VFX and Editorial are all hard at work from our homes. It’s going to take longer and there have been challenges but the results will be worth the wait!”

In a further tweet, Cruz added, “We have the most amazing crew from pre-production through production to post production… and tip of the hat, Starfleet salute to everyone working so hard to finish up and put the shine on #StarTrekDiscovery Season 3. We are so GRATEFUL for you!”


You can watch the first to series of Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.