Special new Doctor Who footage to be released this weekend

Christmas special director Rachel Talalay has hinted at what fans can expect from this Sunday's comic-con panel


Doctor Who fans desperate for a preview of this December’s Christmas episode are in for a treat this Sunday, with the sci-fi series’ San Diego Comic-con panel said to contain a “sneak peek” of the festive special that will see Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor regenerate into Jodie Whittaker’s new incarnation.


And now, episode director Rachel Talalay has shed some more light on what fans can expect from the event, suggesting that the “sneak peek” will be comprised of a teaser trailer or footage from the currently-unnamed special.

And in more good news, Talalay suggested that the footage would be released online after the panel – not always a guarantee at San Diego Comic-con, as proven when the trailer from 2013 50th anniversary special The Day of the Doctor was withheld from non-attendees.

As for what specifically will be in the clip, of course, there’s no word – but it’s likely the footage will involve some interaction between Capaldi’s Doctor and David Bradley as the First Doctor rather than anything to do with new Time Lord Whittaker, who has not yet filmed extensively for the series.

Still, whatever the sneak peek contains, one thing’s for sure – we’re betting the fans will be VERY happy to take a look at this Christmas present early.


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