Someone morphed David Tennant and Peter Capaldi together into one Doctor and it’s just horrible

This isn’t freaky at all, nope


David Tennant and Peter Capaldi’s Doctors have a lot in common. Wiry, suit-wearing Time Lords who have been known to speak in a Scottish accent (well, Scottish actor Tennant used his own voice in one episode), the pair go together like two wild-haired peas in a pod.


Or so we thought – because one reddit user has edited the two actors together to create one uber-Doctor, and the effects are actually quite unsettling.


We’re not sure if it’s the combination of Capaldi’s face on Tennant’s body that’s so strange in itself or something about the size of that face (is it us or is it a bit oversized?), but one thing’s for sure – we’d like to keep our Tenth and Twelfth Doctors exactly as they are from now on, thank you very much.