Roswell: Where are they now?

If you've ever wondered what on earth the cast of the extraterrestrial high school drama are up to nowadays...

Remember Roswell? The supernatural teen drama set in Roswell, New Mexico, followed the lives of three seemingly teenage aliens who were constantly trying to hide the fact that they’d arrived on earth in the mysterious Roswell landing.


It’s been 13 years since the series ended, but what on earth is the cast up to now?

Shiri Appleby (Liz)

The show’s narrator Liz hasn’t done too badly for herself since the series ended. You can currently see her in new satire Unreal (Lifetime, Tuesdays, 10pm) about the drama behind the scenes of a fictional reality TV dating show. Other roles include Dr Daria Wade in ER, playing new Hollywood golden girl Britt’s mum in Life Unexpected, a spell as Clarice Carthage on Chicago Fire and playing Adam’s girlfriend, Natalia, in Lena Dunham’s hipster comedy Girls.

Jason Behr (Max)

The beautiful boy alien starred alongside Sarah Michelle Geller in the American remake of The Grudge but hasn’t been up to much since apart from bit parts in TV shows and movies you’ve probably never heard of.

Katherine Heigl (Isabel)

Did you remember the one-time rom-com queen and Grey’s Anatomy star was in Roswell? She went on to conquer Hollywood in films Knocked Up and 27 Dresses. More recently she starred as a CIA officer plucked from the field to become the president’s daily briefer in TV drama State of Affairs.

Brendan Fehr (Michael)

As Roswell’s Michael Fehr he was the rebellious outsider and later brought that charm to his guest star spot on Bones, when he played David Boreanaz’s baby brother. He’s since been ‘that guy’ you know in the background of Guardians of The Galaxy and X-Men First Class, and enjoyed more screen time on CSI:Miami back in the day.

Emilie De Ravin (Tess)

Yes, before she was Claire from Lost, Emilie De Ravin was evil little Tess on Roswell. The former alien queen of Antar went on to Lost, Remember Me with Robert Pattinson, and currently plays Disney Princess Belle on ABC’s Once Upon A Time.

Majandra Delfino (Maria)

The object of Michael’s affections didn’t go on to have a massive TV career after Roswell ended, with mostly guest spots and cancelled TV series under her belt. She did make quite the impression playing Fanny in The Office in an episode called ‘The Farm’ though, and has also released some music. 

Nick Wechsler (Kyle)

Who would have thought the sheriff’s son – and later the sheriff himself – would go on to have a starring role in US drama Revenge? He’s also appeared in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Without A Trace.

Colin Hanks (Alex)

Roswell was his first TV role but not his last. He won critical acclaim for a stint as a spine-tingling killer on Dexter and was also praised for his role as Gus Grimly in the TV adaptation of Fargo. You may have spotted him in The House Bunny, Get Over It, Orange County, King Kong and Band of Brothers along the way.

Adam Rodriguez (Jesse)

To one generation he’s Jesse from Roswell and to another he’s Eric Delko from CSI:Miami. Of course he’s also that guy from Ugly Betty and, ahem, one of Channing Tatum’s stripping buddies in Magic Mike.


William Sadler (Sheriff Jim)

If you loved Sheriff Jim, you’ve probably enjoyed watching TV for the past 13 years because he’s popped up just about everywhere from Homeland to Hawaii Five-0. Oh, and you might have spotted him playing the president in Iron Man 3 too.

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