Peter Capaldi stars in moving music video for his distant relative, and fans love it

Lewis Capaldi only met the former Doctor Who star recently, but he’s already got him involved in his latest project

Peter Capaldi

Scottish musician and Brit Awards Critics’ Choice nominee Lewis Capaldi’s latest music video is a little bit different – and not just because it functions as an advert for organ donation charity Live Life Give Life.


No, the real standout part of the video for his song Someone You Loved is that its lead is none other than Lewis’ namesake and distant relative PETER Capaldi, best known for playing the lead role in BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who.

Bafta Film Awards 2019, Getty

“Despite being related, prior to the video I’d only met Peter once when he came along to a show of mine in London last year,” Lewis said of the former Who star’s involvement, having previously told press that Peter was a second cousin once removed.

“It was such a massive honour getting to work with him and director Phil Beastall over the two days we shot.

“He’s absolutely incredible in the video and I’m so proud of how it turned out.”

In the video, the elder Capaldi plays a bereaved husband who finds some joy when he visits the family of the woman his wife donated her heart to, and is able to listen to her heartbeat one last time.

The song has been streamed more than 75 million times since its release, and fans are already loving the Capaldi family’s video collaboration.


Looks like two very different groups of fans just got introduced to a new Capaldi they can enjoy.