Parks and Recreation’s Jean-Ralphio finally met his “father” from Stranger Things

Anything can happen in the Upside Down!


Remember that Stranger Things fan theory that suggested the nasty Steve Harrington looked really really like Parks and Recreation’s Jean-Ralphio?


For many, the hair and the entitled attitude were just too similar to dismiss – and then there was the fact that they lived in Indiana and just looked EXACTLY the same.

Well, after chatting about it with James Corden and basically confirming that he thinks it’s 100 per cent possible that the two characters are related, Ben Schwartz (who plays Jean-Ralphio) FINALLY met his TV father Joe Keery (who plays Steve) and the results were magical.

Not content with shaving with “dad”, Schwartz also shared a picture of the duo pulling their best Parent Trap pose.


Can series 2 have some flashforwards to make this dream a reality, please?