As Disney Plus expands into a worldwide entertainment brand, prepare to see plenty more original shows coming from all corners of the globe – with a high-concept French sci-fi series up next.


Parallels introduces us to a group of teenagers living in a quaint mountainside village, whose lives are turned upside-down by an unexplainable occurrence at a birthday party.

Suddenly, their members find themselves scattered across alternate dimensions with no clue as to why, and no idea how they will possibly be able to find their way home.

The mind-bending journey has been described by fans as a cross between Stranger Things and Dark, owing to its up-and-coming young cast and time-travel elements.

Read on for everything you need to know about Parallels on Disney Plus.

Parallels release date

CONFIRMED: All six episodes of Parallels will be available to stream at once on Disney Plus from Wednesday 23rd March 2022.

While the streaming service often opts for a weekly rollout of its major franchise shows, it has adopted a Netflix-style bulk drop for certain acquisitions, including South Korean comedy-drama Snowdrop.

Parallels cast

Parallels features a main cast of relative newcomers, with Timoté Rigault (Bilal), Victoria Eber (Romane), Thomas Chomel (Samuel) and Maxime Bergeron (Victor) playing the teenage friends drawn into a strange nightmare.

Due to the time-travel nature of the story, we will also meet older versions of the aforementioned characters, played by Omar Mebrouk, Jules Houplain and Jade Pedri, who are more recognisable faces in their native France.

Parallels cast (L-R) Thomas Chomel, Victoria Eber, Maxime Bergeron, Timoté Rigault
Parallels cast (L-R) Thomas Chomel, Victoria Eber, Maxime Bergeron, Timoté Rigault Disney

César Award winner Naidra Ayadi also stars as a woman who may be able to help the unfortunate group return to their former lives, if the trailer is any indication (scroll on to watch).

Behind the camera, Parallels is created and co-written by Quoc Dang Tran, who has previously worked on acclaimed comedy-drama Call My Agent and Netflix horror series Marianne.

What is Parallels about?

The story of Parallels focuses on a group of teenagers growing up together in a small mountain village in France, who sneak out one night to celebrate a birthday.

At first, all seems well, with the kids dancing and laughing the night away, but things take a turn for the terrifying when a universe-shifting event separates them across different points of time and the multiverse.

They have no idea what could possibly have caused the earth-shattering event, but nevertheless make it their mission to forge a pathway back to their old lives.

Parallels trailer

Disney Plus dropped the first full trailer for Parallels mere days before the show's debut. While the series was originally filmed in French, this footage is dubbed in English. Watch below:

Parallels is available to stream on Disney Plus from Wednesday 23rd March. Check out more of our Sci-Fi coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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