French comedy Call My Agent (known as Dix pour cent in France) initially came to an end last year, with the doors of ASK closing during the season four finale.


Fans were bereft, but now it looks as though the Parisian talent agency is reopening again!

After picking up a legion of international fans during the pandemic, Call My Agent is returning for not only a fifth season but a stand-alone film as well, with most of the cast expected to reprise their roles in the upcoming flick.

Here's everything we know so far about Call My Agent season five and the movie we didn't even dare to hope for...

Is Call My Agent returning for a fifth season?

The French comedy-drama was originally set to end after its fourth series, with the writers saying they felt they had told the story through to its conclusion. But it seems the huge success of the Netflix run has inspired a U turn - the president of Call My Agent's production company, Thomas Anargyros, confirmed earlier this month that the show would be back for a fifth season and a film. Hooray!

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When will Call My Agent season 5 arrive on Netflix?

Call My Agent

Speaking on French show Culture Médias, Anargyros announced that Call My Agent would return with a film first, which is currently in development and expected to air in France "probably at the end of the year or the beginning of next year".

Filming on the fifth series will begin once the film is finished, with the upcoming episodes in an early stage of development at France Televisions according to Variety. However, series creator Dominique Besnehard revealed shortly afterwards that work on season five won't start "immediately" and that it may be "a few years" until it arrives on our screens.

"All the players are taken everywhere," he told Europe 1 earlier this month. "Camille Cottin is making a career in the United States, Grégory Montel is touring in London, Stéfi Celma in Italy..."

Besnehard also announced that an English remake of the series, developed by W1A creator John Morton, is due to start filming in May.

For international viewers, there are reports that Netflix is in "very early talks" to pick up streaming rights for the Call My Agent film and/or season five, according to Variety.

What would Call My Agent season 5 be about?

While very little has been revealed about Call My Agent season five, the team behind the hit French show has teased some details about the film expected to precede it.

Set to pick up where season four left off, the film will focus on Andrea Martel, played by Camille Cottin, and while a number of storylines are being explored, Besnehard revealed that he wants some of the filming to take place in New York.

"For the moment we are going to do a [film], that we are starting to write and which, I hope, will take place in New York. Because all American actors, unpretentious, want to be there," he told Europe 1.

Fans will remember that Andrea once contemplated moving to New York to pursue a career opportunity there, and she had planned to take Camille with her as an assistant.

The last time we saw the ASK agents, their agency had collapsed, with Gabriel joining Starmedia and Camille, Mathias and Arlette starting their own agency. Andrea planned to leave the industry and was flirting with the idea of writing a series about French agents, so it's unknown how the film will pick up with the characters from there. Perhaps the film and the new series will focus on CAM – Camille's new agency?

Call My Agent season 5 cast

Sigourney Weaver – Call My Agent

According to Variety, many of the key cast are expected to return for the film, including some French and some international, potentially American, stars – with Andréa Martel, played by Camille Cottin, set to be the main focus.

Hopefully, we'll see the return of Thibault de Montalembert (Mathias Barneville), Grégory Montel (Gabriel Sarda), Liliane Rovère (Arlette Azémar), Fanny Sidney (Camille Valentini), Laure Calamy (Noémie Leclerc), Nicolas Maury (Hervé André-Jezak), Stéfi Celma (Sofia Leprince) and Assaad Bouab (Hicham Janowski) – all of whom played key employees at ASK.

It's possible we could see a few stars, who played themselves in the show, return for the film – perhaps Sigourney Weaver, Isabelle Hyppert or José Garcia?

Certainly the film offers the exciting potential for some high-profile celebrity cameos. After all, who knows which Hollywood superstars might hire Andréa as their new agent?

Call My Agent season 5 trailer

France 2 has not released a trailer for the Call My Agent film or season five yet, but keep tabs on this page as we'll update it whenever teaser clips are released.


Seasons 1-4 of Call My Agent are available to stream on Netflix. Check out the rest of our Drama coverage, or take a look at what else is on this week with our TV Guide.