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Outlander season two spoiler-free preview: an intimate episode full of revelations and compromises

There’s not much we can say about Outlander series 2, but fans are in for quite a surprise...

Published: Tuesday, 5th April 2016 at 1:55 pm

There’s not much we can say about Outlander series 2 - our glorious first glimpse came with a long list of spoilers that must be kept under wraps until Sunday’s season premiere - but what we can say is that fans are going to be in for quite a surprise.


We already know big changes are afoot in season two. When we last saw Jamie and Claire they were fleeing the highlands of Scotland for European shores. Trailers see the couple dolled up for the French royal courts, plotting political gain while Claire’s pregnant belly grows. We’ve also spied Claire back in her own time, stepping off a plane, greeting Frank with the words: “I’m back.”


We knew we were in for a different kind of season. But the first episode Outlander's second run, loosely based on Diana Gabaldon's Dragonfly in Amber, was far from what we imagined. And not just because the opening credits now feature jewels, fans, snakes and French lyrics.

The time-travelling drama’s first season ended on a dark and troubling note. Claire and Jamie’s romance, their lighthearted flirtation and bodice-ripping passion, stamped on by Black Jack Randal. When we meet them again, a little time has passed. Though Jamie’s wounds are yet to fully heal - and episode one doesn’t necessarily spell happier times.


Claire and Jamie have set out to change the future - and there are indications that it won’t be a simple task. There’s pain and suffering ahead.

But, for now, small steps are made. This first episode doesn’t feature sweeping landscapes or grand battles. It is close and intimate. Enemies are made while brand new alliances (and familiar ones) are tentatively formed.

There are discussions and agreements, revelations, realisations and compromises.

I just can’t say who they are between. Or in what time period…

Outlander season two is available on Amazon Prime from 10th April, with episodes streaming weekly 




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