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7 things to look forward to in Outlander season 3 episode 4

Toasts and ghosts are top of the agenda in the fourth episode of series three - SPOILER FREE PREVIEW

Outlander Claire Brianna Roger
Published: Monday, 25th September 2017 at 10:31 am

Outlander season three continues this week, airing on Sunday October 1st in the US and on Amazon Prime Video in the UK on Monday October 2nd.


Find out what to expect with our spoiler-free preview of season three episode four.

1. Claire, Roger and Brianna jump in the mystery machine to find Jamie

The trio becomes something of a Scooby Gang on the hunt for Brianna’s biological daddy. And with their swinging sixties garb they really look the part.

2. Brianna proves she’s every inch her mother’s daughter

Let’s just say Bree will never be a damsel in distress.

3. Claire’s got some tough choices to make

As if having to leave the love of your life in the past so you could travel back in time to have his baby safely wasn’t tough enough. #dameblancheproblems

4. And a gift from the past leaves her questioning her plans

Doctor Randall thinks she knows what she’s doing in her search for Jamie, but her hunt for him could well mean she has to turn her back on the life she’s worked so hard to build. Will she really be willing to wave goodbye to 20 years of hard work? Or could a friend in Boston tempt her to return home?

5. Meanwhile, Jamie has joined the cast of Downton Abbey

Lord John Grey has secured him a position serving a posh family at the Helwater estate, which is a bit Upstairs Downton Abbey. Jamie basically plays Downton driver Branson, but he’s Scottish instead of Irish, and drives horses instead of cars.

6. Someone makes the Scot an offer he can’t refuse

Let’s face it, Mr Fraser is just too damn honourable for his own good.


7. And there are a number of VERY sweet moments you won’t want to miss

It’s a good’un, we promise. You might want to watch one scene WITHOUT mum and dad in the room, though.

Watch new episodes of Outlander season 3 on Amazon Prime Video in the UK on Mondays 


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