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New pictures of David Suchet in Doctor Who episode Knock Knock revealed

We also get a glimpse of the young Landlord with some very mysterious objects...

Published: Tuesday, 2nd May 2017 at 12:29 pm

Are you a Doctor Who fan who can’t wait until Saturday’s episode? Eager to see how the mysterious Landlord played by David "Poirot" Suchet fits into the plot? And what’s going on with those creepy tree monsters?


Well, the BBC have released several new pictures of upcoming episode Knock Knock and, well, they don’t really tell us too much. Want to see them anyway like the dedicated Whovian you are? Of course you do…

First up is a picture of Suchet as the menacing Landlord. We already know he’ll be Bill’s new landlord after The Doctor’s new companion finds a houseshare with some friends…

Interestingly, we’ve also got a picture with a character labelled the Young Landlord crouching by a tree with a box. And in the box? Four mysterious objects. Eggs? Seeds? We’re not sure, but they're probably the key to the plot.

Anyway, back to the houseshare: looks like The Doctor will help Bill in on moving day…

We’ve also been gifted another look at the wooden monster of the episode…

Yet as creepy as it looks, one new photo reveals what looks like The Doctor trying to reason with it. Perhaps he’s trying to settle a dispute between the mini Ent and the Landlord? If so, can the tree person talk?

Significantly, we only ever see one of these creatures in the photos. Either there’s only of them, or there's several that all look identical. However, the bark-made-girl is not the only monster in the episode – the inter-dimensional bug we saw in the trailer burrowing its way through a wall also features in the new episode. Could these come from those mysterious egg-type objects handled by the young Landlord?

The newly released info also tells us a bit more about one of the characters in this episode called Pavel (Bart Suavek) – probably one of Bill's new housemates. There are several photos of Pavel roaming around the dark house – possibly searching for something or checking out a creaking – before finding a light.

Will that light prove significant, as in the episode Blink? Or this just mindless time-wasting while we wait for the next episode? Either way, it’s getting closer…


Doctor Who is on 7.20pm Saturday, BBC1


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