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New picture from Doctor Who spin-off Class teases war and advanced mathematics

We’re not sure which scares us most...

Published: Wednesday, 14th September 2016 at 1:33 pm

Not long after we got our first look at upcoming Doctor Who spin-off Class with this moody image, the series has released another new picture featuring mysterious teacher Miss Quill (played by Katherine Kelly) – and quite frankly it’s terrifying.


Not because “war is coming,” though – that’s pretty standard in the world of Doctor Who, especially at a school with some sort of time rift that aliens can come through. And it’s not even because Miss Quill is carrying a gun (after all, glowing alien guns aren’t as threatening as real ones).

No, what we’re most unnerved by is the pretty intense-looking equations written on the board behind her, which are giving us some pretty horrific flashbacks to high school maths lessons. The cast of sixth form heroes wouldn’t be working with sums that complicated, would they? Or were we just held back a few too many years in school?

We like to think the former is true – so that leaves us thinking that these sums aren’t for a lesson at all, but in some way tie in to the extra-curricular sci-fi shenanigans of our new heroes. Could these equations be related to the problems in space-time that have caused various alien menaces to turn up at Coal Hill School? Could they be the machinations of an evil villain looking to construct some new machine? Or could they just be some clues left over by a certain Time Lord, known for his love of blackboards and equations?

We’d like to think it’s the last one (even though the handwriting seems a little different), but until some dedicated fan plots out exactly what these equations mean we’re sadly more in the dark than Katherine Kelly’s face in this picture.

Please bring your answers to the front of the Class…


Class will air on BBC3 online and BBC1 this October


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