The first picture for Doctor Who spin-off Class is here, and it looks super dark

As well as some new details about the eagerly-anticipated sci-fi series


The first picture for long-awaited Doctor Who spin-off Class has arrived, and it’s definitely looking like the darker take on the Whoniverse that series creator Patrick Ness promised when the series was first announced last year.


The image shows Katherine Kelly’s mysterious Miss Quill standing with student April (Sophie Hopkins) in the hallway of Coal Hill School, apparently at night. April is aiming an alien weapon at an unseen threat, while Quill (described as a “powerful new presence” in the original casting announcement) offers some kind of warning or encouragement.

Of course, due to the little we know about the series there’s very little we can tell about what’s going on in the picture. It could be that it hints at Hopkins being the alien lead character referenced in earlier press releases given her gun, or that Kelly’s character is on the side of the young heroes given her position with April.

Alternatively it could mean the complete opposite of those things depending on the context of the episode, so we really still don’t have much to go on until some kind of trailer is finally released.

Still, it does seem like one detail is confirmed – this picture makes Class look like a slightly scarier, more serious take on the world of Doctor Who, and we simply can’t wait to see what that’s like. The next month can’t pass quickly enough.


Class will be available on BBC3 online and air on BBC1 this October