Meet the cast of Jekyll and Hyde

Who's who in ITV's new adaptation of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale


Young Bond author and Fast Show scribe Charlie Higson is bringing one of literature’s greatest monsters, Mr Hyde, back to TV screens, but who’s playing who in the new ITV adaptation?


Meet the cast of ITV’s Jekyll and Hyde…

Robert Jekyll and Mr Hyde – Tom Bateman


Robert Jekyll is the grandson of the original Doctor Jekyll and has grown up completely ignorant of his
past, and the family curse he has inherited. He is rather buttoned up and repressed, but soon becomes aware that there is someone nasty lurking inside him… You REALLY wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

Bateman is a relative newcomer but if you watched The Tunnel you might recognise him as journalist Danny Hillier, while DaVinci’s Demons fans will know him best as Giuliano Medici.

Bulstrode – Richard E Grant


How do you run MIO (Military Intelligence Other), a government department that officially doesn’t exist? Their job is to track down anything supernatural and monstrous and get rid of it and there’s no better man for the role than Bulstrode. If the world appears mundane, grey and all too ordinary, it’s because his team have been doing their job well. But don’t mistake him for a righteous M figure – there’s more to the man than meets the eye.

As for the man behind him, well, what can we say about Richard E Grant? The veteran of stage, screen and cinema is best know for his starring turns in Withnail And I, L.A Story, Gosford Park and, er, Spiceworld: The Movie, to name but a few. Most recently you might have spotted him discussing his Hotel Secrets, guest starring on Girls and Downton Abbey, or popping up as the Great Intelligence in Doctor Who. Oh, and he’s due to star in Game of Thrones next series too.

Bella – Natalie Gumede


She may be best known for terrorising Tyrone as Kirsty on Coronation Street and tearing up the tiles on Strictly Come Dancing, but did you know Natalie Gumede can kick some serious backside too?

That’s why the actress – who you may also remember from BBC3 sitcom Ideal, a stint on Emmerdale, or her role in  the 2014 Doctor Who Christmas Special – had no qualms about taking on the role of Bella Charming. This tough-as-nails lass takes no prisoners, running seedy East End pub ‘The Empire’ and a criminal gang on the side.

Grason – Donald Sumpter


There’s a reason Grason’s face looks familiar and that’s because actor Donald Sumpter really is “that bloke from the thing”. Doctor Who fans might recognise him from his stints in the classic series or Sarah Jane Adventures while Being Human fans will know him as Kemp. And if you know your Game of Thrones you’ll remember him as Maester Lewin.

On the big screen he’s starred in films like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Constant Gardener and K-19: The Widowmaker, but in Jekyll & Hyde he’s Grason, a man who worked in The Empire Music Hall when Jekyll’s grandfather roamed the streets as the original Mr Hyde.

The Alfred to Hyde’s Batman, he may hold the secret to helping Robert Jekyll control the monster within.

Lily Clarke – Stephanie Hyam


The first person Robert meets in England is the beautiful young Lily Clarke and it’s a classic case of
love at first sight. She selflessly looks after her invalid mother and is very kind and understanding, with a sophisticated metropolitan side that Robert at first finds unnerving but nevertheless highly alluring

Clarke is one to watch, too: she appeared in BBC3’s award-winning Murdered By My Boyfriend and is slated to crop up in the Sherlock Christmas Special as a character by the name of ‘Jane’.

Captain Dance – Enzo Cilenti


Never mind Mr Hyde, if there’s a villain to watch out for it’s Captain Dance. Suave, sinister, ruthless, and with a wicked sense of humour, Dance is Bulstrode’s chief rival. He is a senior officer for an organisation of monsters known as Tenebrae. He is one of the living dead, able to regenerate after being killed, although it takes a terrible toll on him. Outwardly he is pristine, in his beautifully-tailored military uniform, but underneath he’s a rotting corpse.

You may or may not remember him as the magical Childermass from Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (above). Enzo Cilenti’s got quite the TV CV, with roles in Rome, Wolf Hall and Prisoner’s Wives under his belt. And he also popped up in Game of Thrones as Yezzan zo Qaggaz, the slave owner who bought Tyrion Lannister and Ser Jorah in the most recent series.

Max Utterson – Christian McKay


Max Utterson is the lawyer who first alerts Robert to the fact that he is due an inheritance from his grandfather’s estate, summoning him to London where the two of them begin to piece together the mystery of who Robert is.

Who is Christian McKay, though? Well, he’s Orson Welles (above) from the 2008 film Me and Orson Welles, and he also appeared in movies like You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Rush.

Hills – Ruby Bentall


Hills is Max Utterson’s devoted assistant, a no-nonsense, jolly hockey sticks kind of a gal, good at paperwork and good in a fight. Nothing flusters her and she takes everything in her stride. She can take a drink, drives too fast and is a pretty decent shot.

When last we saw her on our screens actress Ruby Bentall was starring in Sunday night drama juggernaut Poldark, playing the shy and retiring Verity, but you might also remember her as Minnie in Lark Rise to Candleford, Pauline in The Paradise, or Mary Bennet in Lost in Austen.

Dr Najaran – Ace Bhatti


If you think the man who raised Robert Jekyll in Ceylon looks familiar then you know your EastEnders – it’s only Ace Bhatti, aka Yusef Khan.

The actor has had quite a varied career, popping up in New Street Law, Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee, The Sarah Jane Adventures and the East End-based soap. And you might also have spotted him starring alongside Sheridan Smith in Black Work earlier this year.

Ravi – Michael Karim


Robert’s half-brother plays a very important role in his life in Ceylon and the pair are thick as thieves.

British actor Michael Karim is a relative newcomer but you might have spotted him in Lewis, or on stage as Sajid in East in East.

Sackler – Tom Rhys Harries


Getting involved with MIO isn’t child’s play and Sackler is set to learn that the hard way. The seemingly bright eyed boy discovers what the things that go bump in the night can do, opening our eyes to the wonders of Jekyll & Hyde’s world along the way too.

The young Welsh actor who plays him – Tom Rhys Harries – made his debut opposite Minnie Driver in Hunky Dory before popping up in Parade’s End and Hinterland to name but a few.


Jekyll and Hyde airs on ITV on Sunday nights at 6.30pm