Marvel’s the Punisher gets a smashing new trailer

Jon Bernthal’s vigilante is on a mission


If the recently-released Defenders wasn’t enough “Marvel/Netflix superhero” action for you, then you’re in luck – because in the wake of the series’ release the two companies have unveiled a teaser for much-anticipated follow-up The Punisher.


Starring Jon Bernthal as the titular Punisher/Frank Castle (who debuted in the second series of Daredevil on Netflix), the footage sees the violent vigilante smashing his telltale skull symbol into a stone floor, interspersed with clips of him delivering deadly justice to the criminals of New York and reliving his dark past.

So far, it looks to be one of the most violent offerings from Marvel yet – but hopefully it won’t be an entirely punishing watch.


Marvel’s The Punisher will be released later this year