Marvel boss defends Spider-Man star Tom Holland over spoilers

Kevin Feige said that 'spoiler king' Tom Holland has actually "kept a lot of secrets"


Marvel president Kevin Feige has defended both Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming) and Mark Ruffalo — aka The Incredible Hulk — for their less-than incredible track record for leaking spoilers.


Holland is infamously terrible at keeping Marvel secrets — previously the Spider-Man star accidentally leaked that Homecoming was the first part of a planned trilogy, while Benedict Cumberbatch has had to cut off his interview questions in the past for fear of spoilers.

However, according to Feige, the 23-year-old actor isn’t as bad at keeping schtum as fans would believe.

“The truth is Tom Holland is amazing and has kept a lot of secrets. I think about the two millionth time it came up on a talk show about how bad he is at keeping secrets, he did come up to me and go, ‘You know, I do keep a lot of secrets’,” the studio boss said at the Empire Magazine‘s live podcast.

“‘I know, but it’s a thing now, it’s a fun thing, so let’s lean into it’,” Feige recalled telling Holland. “And then he’ll go spoil something else by accident.”

Feige also joked that that Ruffalo “has a tendency to let his phone record at all times, in all places”, but that the studio didn’t have any special measures in place for either actor.


Not that we’d complain about any new tit-bits about Marvel’s upcoming plans