Lupita Nyong’o went undercover at Comic-Con and tricked everyone

Has anyone ever looked so excited to be at Comic-Con?


If you were at San Diego’s Comic-Con at the weekend, you might have seen a rather annoying pink Power Ranger dancing around the convention looking rather silly.


Well instead of being an over-excited fan, that was actually Lupita Nyong’o going incognito.

The star of Marvel’s upcoming Black Panther movie looked anything but stealthy as she seemed to be having the absolute time of her life, pirouetting around the floor and darting in and out of bemused bystanders.

She crawled, danced and jumped around the convention, and also found time to pop by a Marvel panel to jump around with her arms in the air like the rest of the excitable fans.

She’s not the first A-lister to enjoy Comic-Con like an actual fan by going undercover. Daniel Radcliffe has previously donned a full Spider-Man costume to walk the floor, while Brian Cranston has dressed up as Walter White to go completely unrecognised.


Earlier this week, the cast of Black Panther got their first look at their own upcoming film – and they literally looked like they were going to explode with excitement.