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What is Amazon's new series Lore all about?

The six-episode show is based on the podcast of the same name – and might just be the scariest new show you see this month

Published: Friday, 13th October 2017 at 8:00 am

Amazon Prime Video's Lore, an anthological horror series, arrives on a scary day in a scary month: Friday the 13th of October. Narrated by writer Aaron Mahnke, the series sets out to unpack the myths surrounding folklore tales – and sometimes the truth is even more frightening than the fiction.


Find out everything we know about Amazon's Lore below.

What is Lore?

Amazon Prime Video's creative spin on the true-crime craze. Based on Mahnke's hugely popular podcast of the same name, the show delves into the true stories behind campfire folk tales, such as vampires, werewolves, seances and possessed dolls.

Six of the podcast's best episodes have been adapted by one of the producers behind The Walking Dead into six 30-minute films, blending narration, interviews, animation and dramatic re-enactment.

Which podcast episodes is the Lore TV series based on?

Check out the summaries for each episode and their corresponding podcasts below:

1: They Made a Tonic - a regional panic in 1800s Rhode Island leads a group of people to dig up graves (listen to the podcast)

2: Echoes - inside the history of the lobotomy (listen to the podcast)

3: Black Stockings - A man in 19th century Ireland believes his wife has been replaced by a fairy known as a changeling (listen to the podcast)

4: Passing Notes - Exploring the notion of the dead coming back to life in 19th century USA (listen to the podcast)

5: The Beast Within - A hunt for a werewolf in the German town of Badenburg leads to something far more sinister (listen to the podcast).

Who is in the cast?

Each episode delves into a new mystery with an entirely new cast. Season one features a host of low-key star turns from Terminator 2's Robert Patrick, House of Cards' Campbell Scott and Adam Goldberg, who you may remember as Chandler's perverted, mannequin-stealing roommate in Friends.

Adam Goldberg

Is it any good?

While it's more than a little jarring to be constantly reminded that the drama playing out in front of you is a re-enactment, Lore is an interesting series that benefits from fine storytelling and some truly cree§py, well-researched stories. Whether or not the producers have done enough to justify its existence as a TV show when it worked perfectly well as a podcast is still up for debate, but given a chance the new show will definitely answer those suspicions and superstitions.


Lore arrives on Amazon Prime Video on Friday 13th October


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