Karen Gillan’s hair to appear in Star Wars 7?

The Guardians of the Galaxy star's trademark locks were cut off and donated to the Star Wars props department

With no official announcements having yet been made, Star Wars: Episode VII casting rumours are rife (most recently we’ve been told that an unknown British actress may have landed a major role, while the hotly tipped Benedict Cumberbatch has ruled himself out after all).


But here’s one you may not have heard, and it comes from what we like to think of as a pretty reliable source…

Karen Gillan has revealed that her trademark long red locks were donated to Star Wars after she had them shorn off to play Marvel’s bald-headed Guardians of the Galaxy character Nebula.

“They made my hair into the most incredible well-made wig and they gave it to the Star Wars people,” Gillan told Collider. “It’s just so funny to think that my hair is made into a wig, next to all these Star Wars monster heads in a warehouse.”

Does that mean Gillan’s hair will play a starring role in JJ Abrams’s sequel? Not necessarily – there are bound to be other high-profile barnets in the running – but in the absence of an official statement, we’d certainly keep a look out for a fiery-headed character when the film finally hits cinemas in December 2015.

Guardians of the Galaxy is in UK cinemas from 1 August