Jodie Whittaker is delighted to see Doctor Who fans cosplay as the 13th doctor already

Another reason why the incoming Time Lord is effortlessly endearing


We’ve still got over 130 days until the Doctor Who Christmas special materialises, but Whovians are already scrambling their chameleon circuits (wearing cosplay) to look like the 13th Doctor. And Jodie Whittaker couldn’t be happier.


During an interview with BBC News, the incoming Time Lord was absolutely delighted when shown photos of fans dressed in the hoodie and coat combo Whittaker wore in her casting reveal video. 

She laughs. She says “it’s amazing” or “bloody brilliant” to every outfit. And she seems SO excited to pilot the Tardis in a few months time.

Whittaker’s got good reason to be so thrilled: the clothes she donned in the video announcing her casting won’t even be the same outfit she’ll be wearing in series 11. And instead of waiting for that reveal (hopefully coming in the next few weeks), Who cosplayers chose to construct her temporary costume.

In short: Jodie Whittaker couldn’t be more lovable and Whovians are hella dedicated.


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 this Christmas