We're always left with one big question after every new Jessica Jones season two trailer: is he in it or not?


You know who we're talking about: David Tennant's Kilgrave hangs heavy over every new clip and tease from the returning Netflix series.

The latest trailer even features footage of the man himself – but rather than confirming his appearance, the new trailer makes us even less sure than before that Marvel's greatest TV villain will make an appearance.

In the trailer, Krysten Ritter's Jessica Jones is still trying to put her life back together after the events of the first season – or at least trying to drink the memories away.

The teaser begins during a group therapy anger management session, but quickly flashes back to early events in Jessica Jones's life. The brief glimpse we see of her tormentor Kilgrave is from a scene in season one, so we're still the none the wiser when it comes to whether he will appear in season two.

Watch the trailer below – be warned that from here on in there will be season one spoilers.

Kilgrave was, well, killed at the end of season one, with Jessica finally breaking free of his control and snapping his neck.

At first that seemed pretty conclusive – Tennant would not be involved. But subtle hints and teases ever since have suggested that his character could appear in some form in the second season, even if only as a nightmarish vision from Jessica's past.

In the final scene of the first trailer, an unseen man illuminated by purple light is seen clapping Jessica. Purple is, of course, Kilgrave's colour – in the original comics he's known as The Purple Man.

Futhermore, in production notes for the new season showrunner Melissa Rosenberg says, “The beauty of the Marvel world is never say die. David brings so many levels to everything he does and every take is different. It’s just delicious watching him in this role.”

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Fellow exec producer Jeff Loeb adds, “He’s the consummate professional and such a delight to work with that whatever way he returns to the show, it’s never enough for me.”

All this could be one big trick of misdirection, of course, and as the new trailer makes plain, Jessica Jones is much more than just one villain.

In an accompanying featurette for the new season, Ritter explains, "Jessica Jones resonated because we haven’t seen a superhero like this before. Jessica’s strong, she is vulnerable, and despite everything that she’s been through, she still fights."

We wouldn't have it any other way.


Marvel's Jessica Jones season two will be released on Netflix on Friday 8th March 2018