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Jessica Jones creators and stars discuss 'empowering' series ahead of International Women's Day season 2 launch

The Netflix and Marvel show has a female showrunner and female directors, and they have played a key role in shaping Jessica Jones and her story

Published: Friday, 2nd March 2018 at 1:54 pm

The cast and crew of Marvel's Jessica Jones continues to be completely badass in a new featurette entitled "Empowered", showcasing the work of female directors, writers, producers and protagonists on the Netflix series.


In the clip, we see stars Krysten Ritter, Carrie-Anne Moss and Rachael Taylor along with showrunner Melissa Rosenberg talking about the creative process behind the Netflix show and the vital issue of female inclusion both on and off screen.

“It’s not necessarily about a woman’s perspective. It’s about a balanced perspective,” Rosenberg says in the clip. “A powerful female protagonist or a female director or a female showrunner – that shouldn’t be unique.”

All 13 episodes of Jessica Jones season two are directed by women, a decision which Rosenberg says changed the dynamic of the series.

“Because we have so many women as department heads, directors and writers, it has normalised it,” she says in production notes released by Netflix. “I was very cognisant on our first episode of a woman being at the head of the table at the production meeting and then right around the time we got to episode three or four, it just became a very normal thing.

"It wasn’t a woman sitting at the head of the table, it was a director. It’s very much about normalising the work atmosphere, but the storytelling, whether from a man or a woman, is still going to always be about character.”


Jessica Jones returns for season two on Thursday 8th March (International Women’s Day)


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