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Is Captain Jack Harkness returning to Cardiff for Doctor Who?

Actor John Barrowman has hinted that he could be making a surprise return to the Whoniverse

Published: Tuesday, 10th May 2016 at 9:27 am

Here’s a funny one – John Barrowman, aka immortal 51st-century adventurer Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and Torchwood, has teased a return to the sci-fi world that made his name. Colour us extremely excited.


Speaking in a Facebook video after a Cardiff booksigning, the actor said: “I will be back in Cardiff in about a week and a half.

“But I’m not telling you what for…sssh!”

Now, there are a few options for what this could mean. Barrowman could of course be teasing all of us, with his Cardiff return based on nothing to do with any Whoniverse shows or, at best, something to do with the new comic book he’s writing based on Cardiff-set spin-off Torchwood.

However, we’re hoping that Barrowman is headed to Roath Lock studios in Cardiff Bay, where Doctor Who is currently ramping up for its 2016 Christmas special and 2017 series. Who better to appear in Steven Moffat’s final run of episodes than a character who debuted in his first ever episode, 2005’s The Empty Child?

Alternatively, Barrowman could be making his Whoniverse return in another way. New Doctor Who spin-off Class is currently shooting at Roath Lock, and a great way to tie the fledging series into the franchise could be the inclusion of a spin-off veteran like Barrowman, whose character appeared in both Torchwood and Doctor Who over a number of years.

Plus, Jack’s slightly more adult sensibilities might gel with Class even more smoothly than an appearance by the Doctor would, as the new YA series is planned to address the sort of sex and mental health issues that Doctor Who only alludes to but Torchwood delved right into.

Then again, it could just be that Barrowman has a guest role on Casualty this year and is SUPER excited about it. And to be fair that would still be well worth the watch – just as long as he still wore the World War Two greatcoat. We have to maintain standards.


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