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In The Flesh creator considering crowdfunding a one-off special

The BBC3 zombie drama was canned in 2014 – buts its fans have never given up

Published: Friday, 21st September 2018 at 2:48 pm

Bafta-winning BBC3 drama In The Flesh was cancelled in 2014 after just two series and nine episodes, but fans of the supernatural story – which took place in a world where zombies are real, but can also be cured – have never given up hope of seeing it return.


And now it seems that their attempts to keep the fires burning have paid off, with the series’ creator Dominic Mitchell tweeting that he may look into crowdfunding a one-off special to try and wrap up the story of “partially dead syndrome” sufferer Kieren (Luke Newberry) once and for all.

“Considering crowd funding for [an] In The Flesh 90min special,” he said.

“I know I said that was off the table, but something has to happen. Don't give any money to unofficial sites. Will keep you all posted.”

“Would have to do it right,” he added. “Have to have the funds to pay all cast and crew. Very important.”

The response from fans of the show (who have continued to keep pushing #SaveInTheFlesh on Twitter for four years) was immediately positive, with Mitchell later adding that the “world wide appeal” of the show might be enough to get such a project off the ground, even though the idea was at an early stage and he hadn’t spoken to any of his cast yet.

For their part, though, the actors have previously suggested they’d be up for donning their pale zombie contacts once again.

“I'd definitely love to play Kieren again,” star Luke Newberry told in 2015.

“I spent five months with Kieren for the last series, but then you finish the job and you don't know if you get to play him again. You don't say goodbye because you don't know what's going to happen. The thought of not playing him again is strange; he's a massive part of my life.

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“The amount of people I meet, who are not technically the target audience for the show but who are moved and gripped by it, is incredible.”

And to be honest, what would be more appropriate for In The Flesh than to be resurrected unexpectedly years after we all thought it was dead and buried? It’s too good an opportunity to pass up.


In the Flesh is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now


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