Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are going all out for Halloween this year

With the arrival of Amazon's true-horror series Lore on Friday the 13th and Stranger Things 2 on the 27th, October is looking particularly spooky

Stranger Things

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have announced a slate of horror programming for the month of October in a bid to pull in Halloween holiday viewers.


The hotly-anticipated second season of Stranger Things leads the pack, with a release on Friday 27th October set to dominate the Halloween weekend.

However, Amazon’s new TV series Lore, a true-horror series based on author Aaron Mahnke’s podcast of the same name, will help tide people over when it drops on Friday the 13th.

The anthological series explores the horrifying reality behind common folklore, and retells them through interviews, dramatic reconstructions and animation.

While David Fincher’s new Netflix series Mindhunter has been labelled as a thriller, the subject matter – which delves into a real-life department of the FBI which sought to catch criminals by understanding the psychology of serial killers and rapists – is about as scary as they come. Prepare to be creeped out when it drops on the 13th.

Amazon has already released the first season of The Exorcist TV series, which expands upon the universe created in the original film with a modern day tale of demonic possession. The good news is, it is much better than anyone could have expected.

Naturally, both services are bulking up their catalogues of horror films throughout the month.

Check out a full list of each streaming service’s spookiest additions for the month of October below.


13th October

Mindhunter David Fincher reels back the years to his crime days in this new Original series

The Babysitter – a horror comedy from the director of Charlie’s Angels. This can’t end well

20th October

1922  the latest Stephen King adaptation actually looks quite scary

27th October

Stranger Things 2 Time to head back to the Upside Down

Amazon Prime Video

1st October

The Exorcist: Season 1 Geena Davis stars as the mother of a possessed girl

13th October

Lore: Season 1 True horror anthology

25th October

Poltergeist There’s a ghost in the house

28th October

The Shining Kubrick adapts King

31st October


Gremlins Cute toys turn into scary demons