Game of Thonres writer reveals how Arya got to Westeros so fast

"This is to avoid things like, say, Arya spending four episodes on a boat."


One of the reasons why Arya’s appearance in the Game of Thrones finale was so shocking is that most viewers thought that she was still in Braavos – or, at the very least, on her back to Westeros. But no. One episode she was on one continent, and then the next she was on another. So what gives?


The answer, according to writer Bryan Cogman, is simple: the many varying plot threads of Game of Thrones are not happening at the same time, allowing the show to speed things up. Taking to Twitter, he revealed that in series one he and other writers had tried to line up events chronologically, but eventually found that it would stunt the show’s momentum.


Arya was not the only character to have zipped around Westeros, though. Within the space of an episode Varys had gone from Dorne to Meereen to sailing back to Westeros as part of Daenerys’s fleet. But don’t worry, Cogman’s cleared that up too…