A Futurama executive producer has teased more movies on the way after the series returned from hiatus.


The series, which brought back its original voice cast including John DiMaggio and Billy West, continued this year after a 10-year break.

Executive producer Claudia Katz exclusively told RadioTimes.com: "MEANWHILE was such a perfect series finale in many ways, but I think most of us always held out hope for more episodes someday.

"This return took a lot longer, but Matt [Groening], David [Herman] and the writers figured out a very elegant way of bringing the show back. Also, the range and appeal of Futurama is so broad and our universe so large we simply have a lot of stories left to tell."

As for what the future of the show holds, she added: "Hopefully even more episodes and the nature of Futurama really lends itself to features, so movies would be great too. The series looks fantastic on a big screen!"

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But, before then, we've got more episodes to look forward to as part of season 8. Katz told RadioTimes.com of what's to come: "Zapp finally gets 'cancelled' in a very humorous way, and we have one of our best season finales ever."

We can't wait!

The new season once again follows 25-year-old pizza delivery boy Philip Fry (voiced by Billy West) who, after tripping and falling into a cryogenic freezer in 1999, woke up 1000 years later with a new bunch of pals including Leela (Katey Sagal), a one-eyed alien, and a foul-mouthed android called Bender.

The series was initially cancelled in 2003 after launching in 1999 but, after outrage from fans, it made a comeback until 2013, when it was cancelled again.

Now it's back for more - with the new season tackling more topical storylines, as Katz explained: "When you’ve been gone for 10+ years, especially this specific 10-year span, it’s hard to ignore all that comedy gold."

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