Fans of The Flash - the end is nearly here, as season 9 of the DC show is currently airing.


The series will wrap up the Arrowverse once and for all, and it's about to go out with a bang, with various iconic actors returning from across the franchise, including Stephen Amell, Rick Cosnett, Matt Letscher and Jessica Parker Kennedy.

We're still waiting for the Scarlet Speedster to get his own movie, with Ezra Miller set to star in the upcoming film that's been plagued by delays and controversy.

But, before then, fans across the world can enjoy a new season of the show, with a UK release date being confirmed.

While there's still lots we don't know, showrunner Eric Wallace has teased what's to come.

"Sadly, we’ve got to tell the end of the Flash Family saga, and we can barely do that in 13 episodes," he told Deadline.

"So unfortunately, it’s not going to be so Arrow-centric. Although we do have a lot of guest stars, it’s gonna be very Flash-centric. That’s the important thing, to really honour Barry and Iris."

Read on for everything you need to know about The Flash season 9.

The Flash season 9 release date

Grant Gustin stars in The Flash
Grant Gustin as Flash in The Flash. SEAC

The Flash season 9 premiered in the United States on Wednesday 8th February on The CW.

It's now been confirmed that The Flash season 9 will begin airing in the UK on Tuesday 21st March at 8pm on Sky Max.

When will The Flash season 9 air in the UK?

The Flash season 9 will air on Sky Max, starting on Tuesday 21st March.

Episodes will then be released weekly on Sky Max.

Find out more about how to sign up for Sky TV here.

The Flash season 9 release schedule

Grant Gustin stars in The Flash
Grant Gustin stars in The Flash. SEAC

Episode 1 of The Flash season 9 was released in the US on Wednesday 8th February.

Each episode will then air weekly on Wednesdays, and the series is expected to conclude on 10th May.

The full expected release schedule is below:

Episode 1 - Wednesday Ever After - Wednesday 8th February

Episode 2 - Hear No Evil - Wednesday 15th February

Episode 3 - Rogues of War - Wednesday 22nd February

Episode 4 - The Mask of the Red Death Part 1 - Wednesday 1st March

Episode 5 - The Mask of the Red Death Part 2 - Wednesday 8th March

Episode 6 - The Good, The Bad, and the Lucky - Wednesday 15th March

Episode 7 - Wildest Dreams - Wednesday 22nd March

Episode 8 - TBC - Wednesday 29th March

Episode 9 - TBC - Wednesday 5th April

Episode 10 - TBC - Wednesday 12th April

Episode 11 - TBC - Wednesday 19th April

Episode 11 - TBC - Wednesday 26th April

Episode 12 - TBC - Wednesday 3rd May

Episode 13 - TBC - Wednesday 10th May

What will happen in The Flash season 9?

The Flash season 9 is confirmed to be the final run for the series, so expect a sharp focus on bringing the story full circle and leaving it in a satisfying state for long-time viewers.

One way of doing that is by inviting back Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, who is confirmed to be guest starring in the final season as his thought-dead vigilante, whose own solo show spawned this popular spin-off.

Stephen Amell said via Instagram: "I'm coming back for the ninth and final season of The Flash. Why? Doesn't matter. How? Doesn't matter. Greg Berlanti called me up, and he said, 'The Flash is ending. Would you like to...' and I said, 'Yes! You don't even have to finish your sentence.'"

Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen in Arrow season 8
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow season 8. SEAC

He added: "Don't ask me any more f**king questions about it. Just tune in when it airs later this year."

Last year, The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace confirmed to Deadline that the new negative speed force avatar – teased in the season 8 finale to be played by Danielle Panabaker – would be a major presence in the final outing.

However, that isn't the only formidable foe that Barry and his team will be going up against.

"We have multiple big bads next year," Wallace said. "We’re going to continue our graphic novel format. I don’t know how many episodes I’ve got, quite frankly, so if I get enough episodes, we’ll have three graphic novels just like this past year.

"If I get less, then I’ll act accordingly. But there’ll be at least two graphic novels with at least two separate big bads, one of whom is a blast from the past."

Ultimately, The CW settled on ordering a smaller batch of 13 episodes for the final season of The Flash, which means we could see two main arcs rather than the trilogy that Wallace had hoped for.

It won't be all action, however. Wallace has also confirmed that we've got lots of romance to look forward to.

He told Deadline: "Look for a lot more romance in Season 9. One of the things that we deliberately wanted to do in working on the scripts this year was add a more emotional and human quality to all of our characters in just everyday settings.

"So romance doesn’t just apply to Barry and Iris. It can apply to all of the characters. So look for the same chills and thrills and action that we’ve always had in seasons before, but I’m happy to report that folks have a rom com [as well]."

The Flash season 9 cast: new and returning

Javicia Leslie plays Batwoman in The Flash season 8
Javicia Leslie as Batwoman in The Flash season 8. SEAC

The once-thriving Arrowverse is seemingly closing its doors for good after The Flash season 9, which is perhaps why showrunner Eric Wallace is bringing back some faces from across the franchise for one last goodbye.

As previously mentioned, Stephen Amell is confirmed to be returning as Oliver Queen, while his Arrow co-star David Ramsey is also back as trusted ally John Diggle, also known by the vigilante codename Spartan.

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Supergirl star Nicole Maines is joining the party in the role of Dreamer, a character who made history as the first transgender superhero to be featured on a live-action television series.

Plus, Javicia Leslie will be back in the cape and cowl as Batwoman, which is an appearance fans hope will offer some closure after her solo series was abruptly cancelled after three seasons.

Keiynan Lonsdale (Kid Flash), Andy Mientus (Pied Piper) and Sendhil Ramamurthy (Bloodwork) will also guest star, while Jesse L Martin and Richard Harmon are set to recur as Joe West and Captain Boomerang respectively.

Of course, fans can also expect plenty more from the main The Flash cast, led by Grant Gustin as the titular superhero and Candice Patton as ace journalist Iris West-Allen, with the two likely still adapting to married life in season 9.

Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow), Kayla Compton (Allegra Garcia), Danielle Nicolet (Cecille Horton), Brandon McKnight (Chester P Runk) and Jon Cor (Chillblaine) round out the regular cast for the final chapter.

The Flash season 9 trailer

Check out the teaser trailer for The Flash season 9 below, which is billed as Barry Allen's "final run".

The Flash seasons 1-7 are available to stream on Sky and NOW. Check out more of our Sci-Fi coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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