First look at the brand new female Ice Warrior in next week’s Doctor Who

Meet the Doctor's newest foe and her band of merry Ice Warrior men


It’s been four years since last we saw Doctor Who’s Ice Warriors in action in Cold War but the reptilian humanoids are coming back with a bang – and a brand new queen – in Doctor Who’s Empress of Mars.


We get our first look at the titular Empress in action in the sneak peek at next week’s episode, and she certainly seems a force to be reckoned with.

The first female Ice Warrior we’ve seen on screen is rocking some rather fetching dreadlock style hair and appears to have spiky shoulders.

“Rise my Ice Warriors, RISE!” she roars as the Doctor tries to convince a band of British soldiers – including Victoria’s Francatelli, aka Ferdinand Kingsley – that they really shouldn’t be taking on the natives.


Will the Empress of Mars get the better of the boys from Blighty? We’ll have to wait until episode nine to find out.