Drink me up, Scotty! Star Trek is getting its own beer

Fans will be able to sip the anniversary brew at Comic-Con


Die-hard Star Trek fans will be able to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary this September with a special tribute beer. Schmaltz Brewing Company, based in Clifton Park, New York, will launch its “Star Trek Golden Anniversary Ale – The Trouble with Tribbles” ahead of Comic-Con International.


The original Star Trek episode The Trouble with Tribbles, aired in 1967, sees the Enterprise protect a shipment of genetically-engineered grain, only to be thwarted by a swarm of cute but grain-hungry aliens.

The new beer will also be available at screenings of Star Trek Beyond, and at stores in Las Vegas in the run-up to the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention next month.

Other 50th anniversary plans include an exhibition of Star Trek-inspired artwork by 50 different artists, a special Comic-Con panel featuring many alumni of the franchise, and a collaboration with MAC cosmetics.


Star Trek Beyond is released in UK cinemas on 22 July