Does this painting from the 1930s prove that the Doctor is real?

Turns out the 12th Doctor spent some time in Scotland during the 1930s under the grand title of Lord Provost of Glasgow


It’s not the first time the Doctor has adopted an alias but rather than plain old John Smith, it looks as if back in the 1930s, the 12th Doctor was going by the rather more grand title of Lord Provost of Glasgow.


This oil painting of one Patrick Dollan was spotted by SNP councillor Greg Hepburn hanging in the gallery of the City Chambers and bears an uncanny likeness to the most Scottish of the Time Lord’s incarnations…

Doctor… sorry, Dollan… held the post of Lord Provost, similar to that of mayor, between 1938 and 1941. He was knighted in 1941, and supposedly died in 1963 – although, Doctor Who fans of course know better.


When the time comes, we’re very much looking forward to meeting his successor…