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Doctor Who’s Spyfall was originally set to include a shocking death scene

Probably best that they cut this out…

Published: Thursday, 9th January 2020 at 11:22 am

It’s fair to say that Doctor Who: Spyfall - Part Two was a pretty packed episode, featuring not one, not two but three distinct villains in the Master, Daniel Barton and the Kasaavin, multiple time periods, two TARDISes and a collection of important historical figures including Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage.


However, according to one of the episode’s stars, the story once crammed even more in, with actor Aurora Marion (who played historical spy Noor Inayat Khan) revealing that Spyfall had once also included a pretty shocking death scene for her character.

“I was Noor Inayat Khan for the BBC production of Doctor Who!” Marion wrote on Instagram.

“She is the first female British spy to be sent to Paris during the second world war. My first time as a period character, my first time on a show of this scale, my first death by guns on set (Noor got shot by the Nazis, not in the final cut though)...”

In the episode, Noor parted with the Doctor alive and well, her memories of the adventure removed, so it’s unclear where this death scene would have occurred.

Doctor Who: Noor Inayat Khan (AUROR MARION)
BBC / Ben Blackall

Historically, Noor was shot by the Nazis at Dachau concentration camp alongside other intelligence agents after being held, shackled in a prison for 10 months – however, her death was the year after the time the Doctor left her in Paris, so it’s unclear whether her execution would have been some sort of flashforward or a historical change to her life to fit the episode.

Still, we can see why the Doctor Who team decided to leave this scene on the cutting room floor. After the Doctor’s parting assurance that the fascists would never win, it might have been a bit of a downer to see those selfsame fascists gunning Noor down, as well as a slightly depressing incident to cap off the episode with...


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