Listen to’s Doctor Who podcast: Spyfall – Part Two review

Talking the Master's return, the fate of Gallifrey and the Timeless Child **CONTAINS SPOILERS**


Who is the Timeless Child? What is Gallifrey’s big secret? And why did the Master bother with so many elaborate costumes? All this and more is up for discussion in the latest weekly Doctor Who review podcast from!


Huw Fullerton (Sci-Fi and Fantasy Editor) and Morgan Jeffery (Associate Editor) dissect the twists and turns of series 12’s Spyfall – Part Two in our latest episode.

Click above for insight and analysis on Doctor Who’s game-changing Gallifrey twists, series 12’s story arc, the fate of Daniel Barton (Lenny Henry) and the Voord the Kasaavin, and classic series references from Logopolis to “Contact!”.

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Doctor Who continues on BBC One next Sunday at 7.10pm, with with Orphan 55 by writer Ed Hime, who scripted 2018’s It Takes You Away – and according to the cast and showrunner Chris Chibnall, it features a monster that ranks among the show’s most frightening.


“Ed Hime has written episode three, which is called ‘Orphan 55’ and there are some monsters in that that are terrifying!” Chiball revealed. “They were there on-set, they’re practical monsters.”


“I was actually really scared when I saw one of them – I bricked it, I proper bricked it!” admitted Whittaker. :In rehearsal, he’s like six foot seven, in a suit and he’s running at you down a corridor and I was screaming.”