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First look Doctor Who series 12 clip guest-starring Stephen Fry

In the new clip Stephen Fry appears to play a member of the British Secret Service, as he enlists the help of the Doctor and her friends to help solve an "impossible" problem...

Published: Saturday, 7th December 2019 at 8:31 am

Doctor Who fans will have tuned in to Friday night's episode of The Graham Norton Show in the hope that his guest Jodie Whittaker (aka the Thirteenth Time Lord) might have dropped some spoilers about series 12 — but they were in for a surprise when she dropped a brand new clip from the first episode, airing on New Year's Day.


The clip shows guest-star Stephen Fry (first introduced in the series trailer), apparently playing a British Secret Service bigwig, and he's got an "horrific" conundrum for the Doctor and her friends to figure out: "I'm told this is your expertise, dealing with the impossible..."

Stephen Fry's unnamed character from Spyfall (BBC, screenshot)

Lying on a hospital bed in a secure facility is a woman (by all accounts a top spy) who was found "unconscious on the floor of an airplane washroom" — but she's not in a coma. As the Doctor discovers, her DNA strands have been written, so that the woman is now only a "shell" of a human and has "been erased".

“The security of this entire planet is at stake," Fry's character says. "Can we rely upon you?”

Episode one of a two-part adventure (called Spyfall) will air on New Year's Day 2020 (a Wednesday this year) before the second episode airs Sunday 5th January, continuing the story of episode one. Starring Whittaker and Fry alongside Lenny Henry, Bradley Walsh, Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole, Spyfall has been teased as a “blockbuster action packed two-part episode”.


Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Wednesday 1st January


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