If there's one TV show that's guaranteed to give you a good scare this Halloween, it's Doctor Who.

Throughout decades (and millennia) in space and time, the beloved BBC series has provided us with plenty of frightening moments as the Doctor faced all manner of villains - from demons to Daleks, Clockwork Droids to Cybermen and a fair few tricky Time Lords and Ladies too.

But which episode is the most terrifying?

We asked you to submit your nominations for the spookiest episodes or adventures and then vote for you favourite to feature on our 'Wholloween' top 10.

So, without any further ad-WHO, here's what to watch for SP-WHO-KTACULAR scares this Halloween...

10. Hide (2013)

"This is proper, scary Doctor Who, full of surprises and twists, and — unexpectedly — a rather gorgeous love story. Or two, maybe…" said Steven Moffatt in his Radio Times Doctor Who episode guide. "The fact is you can’t beat a haunted house, and in this show we’re delivering one of the very best."

"Hide is quite a spooky episode, despite having such a happy ending," says Scott Henry. "The creepy ghost-like image of the trapped pilot, and the grotesque crooked man living in the pocket universe, looking for his love. All of the wondering around in the dark and the creepy forest always had me on the edge of my seat."

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