Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: What is the Doctor’s name?

We attempt to solve one of the biggest and earliest mysteries this week as we ask Doctor…Who?

Matt Smith in Doctor Who (BBC)

Basil Disco? Theta Sigma? John Smith? The question of what to put on the Doctor’s birth certificate has long perplexed fans of Doctor Who, with the mystery of the Time Lord’s true name lingering for nearly 6 decades of storytelling.


In this week’s podcast we attempt to solve the series’ titular question – Doctor Who? – with a mix of canon analysis, wild speculation and slightly misjudged fan theories, while also discuss whether the revelations of the Timeless Children mean that even the Doctor doesn’t know the answer.

What’s in a name anyway? Is the Doctor just the Doctor? And why has the series kept this particular question so much in the shadows? Listen in and find out…

Plus, we try to conclusively solve another great fan conundrum as we ask whether we should call the series’ lead character the Doctor or Doctor Who – because if the actors who play him/her can’t agree, how can we?

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One in late 2020/early 2021