Listen to the Doctor Who podcast: Welcome back Christopher Eccleston

As the Ninth Doctor actor reveals he’ll be playing the role again, we delve into what to expect...

The Doctor Dances

Unless you’ve been living in a hole at the back end of the Medusa Cascade, you’ve probably heard the news that Christopher Eccleston will be making a Doctor Who return, with the actor set to voice his Ninth Doctor for 12 new audio stories.


But what could this mean for the Ninth Doctor, and his place in Doctor Who history? And looking ahead, is this just the beginning of Eccleston’s Who redux?

In this week’s podcast we try our best to find out, offering our own theories for what these Big Finish stories could cover – Cybermen and new companions, anyone? – as well as how they’d possibly fit into Eccleston’s short era at the helm of the TARDIS (we’re thinking he packs a lot in pre-episode one without looking in a mirror).

Plus, we examine the context of Eccleston’s grand return and his possible reasons for returning to the role, as well the chance of him also reprising the Ninth Doctor for a TV return. Anything is possible in Doctor Who, after all.

Eccleston’s new Doctor Who adventures will take the form of 12 full-cast adventures from audio drama producers Big Finish, being released in 2021 – 16 years after he bade farewell to the series after just 13 episodes.

These new stories will be divided across four box sets, starting with volume one in May 2021.

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