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Peter Capaldi doesn't think Doctor Who supports 'darker' Doctor anymore

"I wanted to be a more distant and alien Doctor."

Published: Tuesday, 16th November 2021 at 3:46 pm

Doctor Who: Flux has finally arrived, debuting to strong reviews and telling a one-arc story over the course of all six episodes.


The series marks Jodie Whittaker's last in the role, with her yet-to-be-named replacement set to take over after a series of specials in 2022. Though we don't know who will embody the Fourteenth Doctor, it's fair to say they will bring their own flair and style to the role.

But one thing former Time Lord Peter Capaldi isn't sure the new Doctor will be is "dark". In an interview with The Telegraph, the actor opened up about what he wanted his Doctor to be and how he channelled first Doctor William Hartnell for his spiky, pragmatic turn on the sci-fi series.

"I wanted to be a more distant and alien Doctor. Because that’s how I remember William Hartnell," he said. "Being a kid in Glasgow on dark winter nights when this strange figure with the white hair and slightly irate voice could open this portal to a magical world."

He added: "The default now is a kind of cosmic imp. Which is great. But I wanted to touch the dark winter nights. I’m not sure whether the brand supports that any more, but that’s what I was interested in."

He also declined to be drawn on who should replace Whittaker, noting: “One of the great things about doing Doctor Who is it kind of cures you, in the nicest possible way. So I think they’re all great and I wish everybody well, but I’m done!"

Whether it's a return to a darker tone or something completely different, the series will certainly go through some changes, especially since it was announced Russell T Davies would be taking back the reins from current showrunner Chris Chibnall in 2022.

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