Who should be the next Doctor? Cast your vote for which actor should replace Jodie Whittaker on Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker is leaving Doctor Who, but who should replace her?

Doctor Who - Praxeus

It’s official, Jodie Whittaker is leaving Doctor Who alongside showrunner Chris Chibnall.


The upcoming thirteenth series and the three Doctor Who specials that will follow it will be Whittaker and Chibnall’s last. With the specials set to air across 2022, it will be a while yet before we see another actor take on the Time Lord mantle – but that doesn’t mean fans can’t speculate.

So, Doctor Who fans, who do you think would be the best replacement for Whittaker? Vote for your favourite in our poll.

There are plenty of big names to choose from – Michael Sheen and Richard Ayoade have long been fan favourites for the role – as well as some rising stars who could sweep in and put a new spin to it, including Giri/Haji actor Will Sharpe, The Crown’s Erin Doherty and It’s A Sin star Olly Alexander.

Rumours that Alexander could be the next Doctor were denied by his agent back in June but that doesn’t mean the musician won’t consider regeneration further down the line. Alternatively, we think either of his It’s A Sin co-stars, Lydia West and Seyan Sarvan, would also make a fine Doctor.

Many fans have also suggested Jo Martin should take over following her popular turn as a past version of the Doctor last series.

Other suggestions include Years & Years’ T’Nia Miller, Fleabag’s Andrew Scott, two Line of Duty stars – Vicky McClure and Kelly McDonald – and many more.

So, who should be the next Doctor? Have your say below.


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