Which Doctor Who monsters do you want to return in series 12?

With the Judoon and Daleks looking likely to return to Who, it's time to VOTE for the other alien you most want back in the show


Times are a-changing at Doctor Who. Although Jodie Whittaker’s first run in the Tardis saw her facing an entirely new batch of enemies, the Thirteenth Doctor looks soon set to cross some familiar baddies in the upcoming series.


Not only has the show officially announced the return of the Rhino-headed Judoon, but more recently a Dalek – one resembling the ‘Recon Dalek’ seen in 2019’s New Year’s Special Resolution – was spotted apparently filming for a new episode by fans on Clifton Suspension Bridge.

And that’s got us thinking: if the Judoon – and possibly the Daleks – are heading back to the Whoniverse, which other Who alien should make a comeback?

Is it about time the Cyberman march on screen once more? Are we due a spooking from The Weeping Angels? Or are underrated crab creatures the Macra most deserving of an overdue comeback?

It’s time to have YOUR say. Vote below for which classic Who alien you want to see rematerialise in series 12.


Doctor Who returns to BBC One in early 2020