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Fans spot Daleks filming ahead of Doctor Who series 12

And it looks like there could be a bit of a battle when Jodie Whittaker reunites with her famous foes

Published: Thursday, 24th October 2019 at 10:20 am

An exciting new detail about Jodie Whittaker’s second Doctor Who series may have just been revealed, with new pictures apparently showing off the return of the evil Daleks in the upcoming run of the BBC sci-fi drama.


The tin-plated terrors were spotted by fans during an apparent shoot on Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge, with some enterprising Whovians even managing to steal a few snaps of the Doctor’s greatest foe in action.

When contacted by, the BBC remained tight-lipped about whether this meant the Daleks would genuinely return again to face off with Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor – but given the style of the central Dalek in the picture, which resembles a souped-up version of the ‘Recon Dalek’ redesign shown off in 2019 New Year’s Special Resolution, it seems likely.

On the other hand, it could be that the Dalek shoot was for another intention entirely, given that other Daleks in the photo are older models, with at least two examples of the series’ 2005 Dalek design (the popular golden version) visible as well. Are the older Daleks teaming up with a new pretender in the series, or could the line-up be for some sort of promotional video, Children in Need sketch or photoshoot?

Adding to the confusion is that in some of the photos and Snapchat videos, it appears that the Recon Dalek ends up destroyed in front of a large group of golden Daleks – so could we be about to see another Dalek civil war?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see – but it’s certainly exciting to see the Doctor’s oldest foe returning in earnest ahead of the series comeback early next year. Now, if we can just Exterminate the next few months and arrive at the series premiere, all the better.


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 in early 2020


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