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Here's proof that Jodie Whittaker's female Doctor is the same person as her male predecessors

One word: "brilliant"

Published: Sunday, 21st January 2018 at 10:17 am

When Jodie Whittaker threw back that hood to reveal herself as Doctor Who's first ever female lead, most fans were delighted. But there were a significant few who struggled to get their heads around the idea that a woman could play the Doctor or to accept that she is one and the same person as her male predecessors including Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith and David Tennant.


Well maybe this will convince them.

This simple (but brilliant) gif posted via BBC America's Instagram account provides a striking side-by-side comparison of Tennant's Tenth and Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctors uttering just a single word – but in such an identical, joyful way that you could never doubt it was the same person behind those two sets of eyes.

It's a similarity some Who fans had already spotted, and some hadn't...

"I told you she reminded me of him," posted Instagram user b.a.d.wolf. "WAIT I DIDN'T EVEN MAKE THAT CONNECTION," bellowed zekstr.

And others were just happy to have had it pointed out. "13 your 10 is showing! And I ain't even mad!" said nikigroeger.

"I hope she brings silliness and joy into her Doctor like David Tennant and Matt Smith did," wroteaaron_stingray. "We need that again."


Don't worry, she's going to be brilliant.


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