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Doctor Who fans confused by "meandering" and "complicated" episode

The fandom was divided by the most recent instalment of Doctor Who: Flux.

Doctor Who
Published: Monday, 29th November 2021 at 11:59 am

Doctor Who: Flux aired its penultimate episode last night – and it seems that some fans were left a little confused by the events of the fifth instalment.


While there was still plenty of praise for Survivors of the Flux, many viewers took to Twitter to complain about what they perceived to be an overcomplicated plot.

One fan wrote that the episode was a "bit meandering in places" while another said that the episode was the "first misfire of this series".

One viewer had even harsher words, writing that the episode was "absolutely awful" and describing it as a "total mess of an episode that was all over the place" – while also criticising the approach to the Timeless Child storyline that had dominated the previous series.

And that fan wasn't the only one to take aim at this part of the episode, with another fan writing, "An episode where everything happened and nothing happened at the same time. We were reminded of the Pointless Children storyline despite collectively wishing it would just go away."

Those views were not universal, however, and it seems many fans enjoyed the episode even if they weren't always clear on exactly what was going on.

"No idea what’s going on. But it’s engrossing viewing," wrote one, while another added: "I have a feeling it will never be resolved… but really enjoyed it as usual."

And one fan tweeted: "Very good, but the story might have been over-complicated for some parts of its audience, I was OK with it. I but feel it might have left some viewers puzzled not being able to really follow it properly."

And some went further, with one fan describing the episode as "an epic continuation with plenty of plot twists and nostalgia", adding: "Loose ends are finally getting tied up, in the most shocking way. I loved it."

Meanwhile, star Craig Parkinson – whose villainous character the Grand Serpent played a major role in the events of the episode – wrote: "Well the body count was rather high."

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