Doctor Who fans are the new stars of BBC America’s series 9 re-runs

Their own curious creations will pop up during the Doctor's adventures in space and time


Fancy seeing your name, face or fan art pop up in an episode of Doctor Who? Well, if you have BBC America you’re in luck because they’re planning to make fans the new stars of their Doctor Who series 9 re-runs.


The channel will take fans back through series 9 from January 30th (what better way to fill the gap between series?) but weave their tweets and fan art throughout each episode.

And they’re calling them Doctor’s Notes. Punny.

So, if you had a particularly strong opinion about Sleep No More or Heaven Sent, it might just appear in the middle of an episode. Or if you’re particularly good with a pencil your Doctor Who dedication to the dearly departed Clara Oswald (disappearing off in a spinning Tardis diner still counts), could well make an appearance as she heads to Face The Raven.


And as for us UK folk, well, we’ll just have to content ourselves with speculating about everything we know so far about series 10