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Doctor Who fans are in favour of an older companion for Jodie Whittaker's Time Lord

The majority of fans polled by say they're keen for an older companion to travel in the Tardis

Published: Tuesday, 22nd August 2017 at 5:01 pm

Doctor Who fans won't be disappointed if Bradley Walsh is confirmed as the Doctor's new companion it seems, because more than two thirds of them think it's a great idea.


As rumours that the 57-year-old is taking over Pearl Mackie's role began to circulate this morning, more than 2,000 fans of the show shared their opinions with 67.75% of them said they thought having an older companion was a great idea, while 32.5% of those polled weren't so keen.

“Got no complaints with Bradley Walsh" said Ben Woolman on Facebook. “I remember his acting as a clown in the Sarah Jane Adventures and he was rather terrifying. I think it's important to maintain the male - female dynamic whichever way around the roles are portrayed."

And he’s a big fan of older companions in general, too. “I think I prefer it sometimes. Bernard Cribbins as Wilf is one of my all-time favourite companions, despite only being one officially for two episodes”, he said.

Nicola Morgan also referenced Cribbins’ Wilf, who served alongside David Tennant in his late 70s and early 80s, saying “Donna's granddad was the companion for a couple of episodes and he was great, I'm sure if it's Bradley he will also be great.”

“If I recall, Wilf and Rory's dad, who were short-time companions, were some of the best moments ever”, added Paul Kelly.

However, some fans did have their reservations.

“I kinda need an I'm not sure option”, said Stephanie Schicker. “I just hope the joke doesn't get old. Like with Matt being so young and the constant joke ‘ha ha everyone thinks he's young but he's 1000 years old’. I guess it's gonna be 'is that your dad?’”

“Nothing against a female doctor but Bradley Walsh as assistant. What's his opening lines against the Cybermen? ‘Time to bring out the Doctor’” wrote Des Thomson.

And one fan had another idea in mind.

“Nothing wrong with older companions, but it should be a female to start off I think”, said Owen Lewis, “to make a statement that we can have two leading females.”

No doubt the debate will continue but it seems age, at least, is not a barrier for the right companion.


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 at Christmas


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