Christmas is over – but Doctor Who fans have one last present to unwrap, with festive special Eve of the Daleks set to debut on BBC One on New Year’s Day.


In this special episode of the Radio Times Doctor Who podcast, Huw and Morgan take a look ahead at the upcoming New Year’s episode, which sees the Doctor and friends trapped in a time loop – with Daleks! – in a Manchester self-storage facility.

So far the story is mostly under wraps – but we caught up with episode guest star Adjani Salmon to give us some clues about what to expect, find out what it was like to do the same scenes again and again and what else we might expect from Nick in Doctor Who’s future (spoiler alert – anyone for Daleks take Barbados?).

Plus, we take a look back on series 13 with director Jamie Magnus Stone, and ask our latest Controversial Question of the Week – should John Bishop and Mandip Gill stay on after Jodie Whittaker leaves?

What else can I expect from episode nine?

This week, we interview New Year’s guest star Adjani Salmon to find out more about Eve of the Daleks, and his character Nick.

"I guess it kind of starts off with Nick as an introverted, kind of lovesick guy, who’s really just trying to say ‘This year will be better,'" he told us.

"He’s planning to tell Sarah, which is Aisling Bea’s character, how he feels, and ask her out. But I guess the Doctor shows up, and there’s chaos.

"It was super-fun. Honestly, being on Doctor Who, you understand the grand nature of it, being on set, and realising, 'Oh, there’s no green screen.' Yeah, it’s amazing."

We also caught up with series 13 director Jamie Magnus Stone, for a little look back at the making of Doctor Who: Flux.

"I think probably the stuff in the Crimea, I’m most proud of, because it was really difficult to shoot," Stone said.

"We shot that in the November of last year. November or December. It was about a year ago. And the elements were really against us. It was really difficult filming conditions. All of our equipment was soaked.

"But I think, in the end, it worked well for the episode. I think there’s a real kind of truth to the grit, and the mud, and the smoke, and the rain, and the sleet, and the texture that is there on screen. I think it served the tone of that story really well. And I guess I’m proud of it because it was so miserable, and so difficult to shoot. I think that kind of came out as probably my favourite episode of the bunch."

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All that, and a Controversial Question of the Week? The Christmas presents just keep coming.

When and where can I listen?

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Our final episode will be released on New Year’s Day 2022 at 8pm, following the transmission of Eve of the Daleks.

Next time, we’ll be giving our full review of that special – so tune in to see what we thought of the Doctor’s latest episode.

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Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks airs on BBC One on New Year’s Day 2022 at 7.00pm. For more, check out our dedicated Sci-Fi page or our full TV Guide.